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SINRMAS is a water and wastewater technology solutions innovator; service provider and vendor outlet specializing in water quality monitoring through laboratory analytical services; retail of latest global technology on water and wastewater treatment, specialized trainings and human resource development in the water & energy sectors and, water & wastewater consultancy and advisory services.

SINRMAS leverages on the strategic partnerships it establishes with big industry players whose products and services are already established in the market. This kind of business model reduces operational costs and minimizes risk for our business enabling us to deliver quality services at prices that are affordable to our clients.

We work with big public and private sector clients in the water; energy and natural gas sectors giving them a wide canvass of alternatives and options that best respond to their specific challenge(s).

We also work with households; farmers; hospitals and schools giving them high-level water quality monitoring service and water purification products like high-tech ultra-filtration membranes that offer non-chemical purification of portable water.